Business leaders, you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to make data visualizations yourself.

Viz to Impress Extraordinaire

Be Seen as a Data-Informed Business Leader Worthy of a Promotion

This is a 2-month Tableau data visualization service that will provide you with the visualizations you need to communicate mission-critical insights from your data to your stakeholders. These visuals will help you and your team make informed decisions and also position you as an influential and data-informed leader.

After Viz to Impress Extraordinaire:

📈 People are inviting you to lunch or to grab coffee just so they can chat with you because of your reputation as a data-informed business leader.

💡 You are crossing more things off your checklist because now you have more time to focus on your zone of genius. After all, that’s what you get paid the big bucks for!

🎤 You’re still smiling at the big round of applause you got at your last stakeholders meeting.

What Previous Clients Have to Say

Your Time is Valuable

Money is renewable, but time is not. 

So let’s breakdown how much time you would be spending if you tried doing this all yourself.

Time You’re Saving: 74+ hours

  • Learning Tableau – 40 hours
  • Creating 5 visuals – 20 hours
  • Creating 1 dashboard – 4 hours
  • Presentation prep on your own – 10+ hours

That’s at about 74 hours you’re saving by investing in this service

Want to convert that into dollars? Just multiply your hourly rate by 74.  If you’re a Product Manager in Silicon Valley, that’s $5,180 worth of your time saved.

I know you see the real value in delegating tasks that someone else with the right expertise can do instead. By investing in this, you get back time to really focus on the more important and fulfilling tasks for you and your business.

That's $5,180 worth of value

Or you can select the pay-in-full option and save 15%!

What You'll Be Getting

Mock up of all that's included in Viz and Impress Service

Done-For-You Visualizations and Workbook (Valued at $4,000)

  • Done-for-you visualizations in Tableau to start attaching into your reports and presentations
  • Two 30-minute consultation sessions

Interactive Dashboard (Valued at $600)

  • A completed Tableau dashboard with plugged in visualizations ready to be shared
  • Made with thoughtful design principles in mind to give professional and clean look
  • Interactive and exploration-friendly filters will be built into the dashboard

Bonus: Public Speaking and Data Storytelling Course (Valued at $580)

  • Lifetime access to trainings for public speaking and data storytelling
  • Trainings on how to make a Keynote or Powerpoint slides the RIGHT way so you keep your audience’s attention with a professional looking slide deck
  • Templates for storyboarding and slide deck

Get all this value for $5,800 $997 today!

Or pay 3 payments of $380 instead

Hana M. K. - Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Hana!

I’m a data visualization specialist that helps business leaders with all their data visualization and presentation needs. I have 7 years of professional experience working as a data analyst after first starting in academia and then working for a Fortune 5 company. I’ve had success in presenting analytical insights in both worlds of academia and industry by creating informative data visualizations and perfecting my narrative of the data. 

My main motivation behind offering my services is to help business leaders like yourself become better presenters of analytical findings through actionable visualizations presented in a strategic way to grab your audience’s attention and motivate them to act. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 5 day money back guarantee if you change your mind about using our services.  Because this is a service, we are unable to offer refunds beyond the 5 day period once the service work has started on creating your data visualization project.

To ensure the visualizations aligns with your vision, we schedule a session with our clients to do a pre-review of drafts and options before proceeding with the final visualizations. 

After the visualizations are completed, we offer one review session where you can make requests for changes or touch ups. 

If even after these changes you are not satisfied with the visualizations, we will offer a full refund.

We use Tableau to create top-quality visualizations and dashboards. If there are people in your team who don’t have a Tableau license, that’s not a problem as Tableau offers a free reader so anyone can access the visualizations and dashboards for free.

Most of the services we offer are limited to delivering a Tableau workbook with your visualizations. If you would like additional support with preparing/hosting data and your dashboards, please send us an email to detailing your requests to see if we can support your other technical needs.

We offer a 15% discount for clients who pay in full. If you choose a payment plan, you are not eligible for this discount.

Typically, a single project can be delivered within a 2 month time frame.

If you would like it by a particular date, please email us with the details of your project so we can assess if an earlier delivery can be made.

Or you can select the pay-in-full option and save 15%!