Viz to Impress Extraordinaire

Mock up of all that's included in Viz and Impress Service

Done-For-You Visualizations and Workbook (Valued at $4,000)

  • Done-for-you visualizations in Tableau to start attaching into your reports and presentations
  • Two 30-minute consultation sessions

Interactive Dashboard (Valued at $600)

  • A completed Tableau dashboard with plugged in visualizations ready to be shared
  • Made with thoughtful design principles in mind to give professional and clean look
  • Interactive and exploration-friendly filters will be built into the dashboard

Bonus: Public Speaking and Data Storytelling Course (Valued at $580)

  • Lifetime access to trainings for public speaking and data storytelling
  • Trainings on how to make a Keynote or Powerpoint slides the RIGHT way so you keep your audience’s attention with a professional looking slide deck
  • Templates for storyboarding and slide deck
Installment Payment Notice

This only applies if you choose the 3 monthly payments plan. Failure to pay any installment will result in an immediate termination of services with no refunds and/or legal action. Late payments beyond 5 days after the 1st of the month will incur a 5% late charge fee.