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You have tons of ideas about the kind of insights and visualizations to share with your data, but lack the skills and time to make them.

You’ve been spending too much of your precious time searching for tutorials to make the visualizations instead of focusing on your business.

But the truth is: you don’t have the time or resources to learn or create visualizations yourself, even though you often need them handy for presentations and reports.

On top of all that, you don’t feel so confident in presenting data and visualizations to your audience.

Are you ready to get attention-grabbing, share-worthy visualizations customized for your project, all done for you by data visualization experts?

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Now imagine this:

🎤 Never having to worry about another data viz or presentation and the prep that goes with all of that
…you don’t get nervous about presenting at meetings or large talks anymore

🕒 Having more time to focus on your zone of genius
…or just having more time to enjoy life, not spend time creating visuals and dashboards

📈 Being known as data-informed
…because you are able to derive insights from data with share-worthy dashboards


unlimited, customized data visualizations services and presentation coaching

Viz Retainer Package

For professionals who want customized, actionable visualizations and presentation coaching in order to present insights and drive data-informed decisions with confidence.

We use Tableau to create on-demand data visualizations and provide 1:1 public speaking and data storytelling coaching to give you confidence in presenting to your audience and moving them to ACT.

What You'll Be Getting

Done-For-You Visualizations and Workbook (Valued at $6,000)

  • Done-for-you visualizations in Tableau to start attaching into your reports and presentations
  • Can turn these into templates to use for future visualizations
  • Unlimited consultation sessions

Interactive Dashboard (Valued at $600)

  • A completed Tableau dashboard with plugged in visualizations ready to be shared
  • Made with thoughtful design principles in mind to give professional and clean look
  • Interactive and exploration-friendly filters will be built into the dashboard

One-on-One Presentation Coaching (Valued at $1,000)

  • 1:1 video coaching calls to discuss presentation and public speaking preparation 
  • On-demand video practice sessions with feedback

Bonus: Public Speaking and Data Storytelling Course (Valued at $500)

  • Lifetime access to trainings for public speaking as well specific training on presenting data
  • Trainings on how to make a Keynote or Powerpoint slides the RIGHT way so you keep your audience’s attention with a professional looking deck
  • Templates for storyboarding and slide deck

That’s a value of more than $8,000/month but offered to you for almost half the price. But what matters more to clients like you (and me) is TIME.  Money is renewable, but time is not. With our retainer package, you won’t have to worry about spending anymore time making visualizations or dashboards.

I know you see the real value in delegating tasks that someone else can do as well (or even better) than you can yourself. By making this investment, you get to use that time to really focus on the more important and fulfilling tasks for you and your business.

About Your Data Visualizer and Trainer

Can you imagine how many decisions could be made, projects funded, actions taken, if your audience understood exactly what you are saying, what questions they should be asking the data and the answers, and what you need them to do as a result?

Founder's Story

Digital portrait of Trending Analytics founder and CEO Hana M. K.

Hi, I’m Hana and I specialize in data visualization and analytics, enjoys public speaking and helping people present informative visualizations that leads to ACTION.

I started my journey into the data analytics and visualization world as a researcher in geography. After attending a few conferences, I quickly realized that just reading through my results wasn’t enough and many other researchers at the conference failed to provide context and telling a story around their data.

But even while my research was in the exploratory phase and in a super niche field, I was able to garner interest and win a presentation award by creating both informative data visualizations and presenting a story about the data that they could follow.

Common Problems I See

When I moved into the tech industry working for a Fortune 5 company, I noticed the same mistakes being made by professionals with reports and presentations:

  • Not setting up the context ➡ Your audience is lost, confused or making assumptions about the context and the big picture
  • Poor visual aids (or none!) ➡ You lose your audience’s attention
  • Inaccurate or misleading charts ➡ You lose credibility and authority with your audience
  • Not answering the ‘So what?’/ ‘why should we care?’ questions ➡ Your audience doesn’t know what you want from them or what they should be doing/acting upon

Because ultimately, as humans, our interest is piqued by a story that answers the ‘So what?’ question.

You can be a data visualization pro or a confident public speaker and have presented a hundred times in front of audiences, but in the long run none of that will matter if you can’t help your audience understand why they should care.

How Trending Analytics Help

My main motivation behind my courses and services is to help people become better presenters of analytical findings. How? Through insightful and actionable visualizations presented in a strategic way that will grab your audience’s attention and motivate them to act.

My specialties are:

  • Data visualization specialist that uses principles of visual analytics and data storytelling
  • Tableau for data visualization
  • Effective communication of technical details and data
  • Public speaking! Yes, even an introvert like me can enjoy public speaking 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

You save more if you choose the annual or semi-annual billing options (savings of $500 and $300 respectively).

We offer a 5 day money back guarantee if you change your mind about using our services.  You can cancel your retainer package and we will fully refund you for the remaining months you paid for.

To ensure the visualizations aligns with your vision, we schedule a session with our clients to do a pre-review of drafts and options before proceeding with the final visualizations. 

After the visualizations are completed, we offer one review session where you can make requests for changes or touch ups. 

Yes, you can cancel your retainer package and we will fully refund you for the remaining months you paid for.

We use Tableau to create top-quality visualizations and dashboards. If there are people in your team who don’t have a Tableau license, that’s not a problem as Tableau offers a free reader so anyone can access the visualizations and dashboards for free.

The service is limited to data prep, creating and delivering data visualizations, and 1:1 presentation coaching. If you would like additional support with preparing/hosting data and your dashboards, please send us an email detailing your requests to see if we can support your other technical needs.

For this premium service, delivery dates will be scheduled on a project-basis based on your needs.