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Hone your skills in data visualization and data presentation with these free resources.

presentation roadmap

Guiding your next data presentation

This roadmap will show you the steps you need to take to prepare for your next data presentations.

A desktop with a cup of coffee, notebook and pen, and an ipad displaying the data presentation roadmap on the screen.
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Data resources vault

A list of my favorite data resources

Hone your data skills using my favorite resources. Get access to the spreadsheet containing my 30+ resources.

Project roadmap

Your roadmap for managing data projects

This roadmap will guide you on how to manage a successful data project, whether you work as a freelancer or as part of a company or agency.

A mock up of the Data Viz Like a Boss course bundle for data viz professionals.


Data Viz Like a Boss

Enroll in this free mini-course to learn how to make effective data visualization for your target audience.

Time: ~1 hour

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