Introducing the Art of Communicating Data Show

The Art of Communicating Data

I am thrilled to be introducing my new podcast: The Art of Communicating Data show! I started this show because many data folks, like myself, tend to strengthen our technical skills and forget to hone “soft” skills like our communication.

My goal is to help you become better data communicators, so each episode I plan on leaving you with actionable steps you can take to practice and hone your communication skills, whether it’s with your writing, data vizzes, or presentations.

So, subscribe to this podcast and listen to a new episode each Wednesday. There are already a handful of episodes for you to binge on right NOW!

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Episode Transcript

Hi, my name is Hana, and this is the Art of Communicating Data show. I was inspired to start this podcast because you did not ask me to. Yup. Most people who reach out to me ask if I can teach them how to use a data viz software, or create a course on the latest data tool everyone is talking about.

But it’s precisely because of these requests that I created a show dedicated to communication skills for data people, because we obsess over technical skills and do not work enough on these other so-called soft skills.

I have been working in the data field for close to 8 years now, and I realized that many data practitioners struggle with communicating data. So I decided to create this podcast to help you hone these skills. With this podcast, you will get actionable tips and motivational advice to help you become effective communicators of dat., whether it’s through data viz, reports or presentations.

New episodes will be released weekly in seasons. In some episodes, you’ll just hear me share some of my thoughts. And in other episodes, I’ll be interviewing with some of your favorite data leaders, thinkers, and movers about their experience with communicating data.

As this show is new, any support is greatly appreciated. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe on the Apple podcast app, Google podcast, Spotify, or wherever you’re listening to this right now. I’ll also be grateful. If you can take a minute and write a five-star rating and review, and then share it with your friends and colleagues who work with data.

If you want to come on the show as a guest or submit your experience for me to share, feel free to email me. You can find my email in the show notes. Thank you so much. And I’m so excited to see you transform into an effective data communicator.