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Can you imagine how many decisions could be made, projects funded, actions taken, if your audience understood exactly what you are saying, what questions they should be asking the data and the answers, and what you need them to do as a result?

Founder's Story

Digital portrait of Trending Analytics founder and CEO Hana M. K.

Hi, I’m Hana and I specialize in data visualization and analytics, enjoys public speaking and helping people present informative visualizations that leads to ACTION.

I started my journey into the data analytics and visualization world as a researcher in geography. After attending a few conferences, I quickly realized that just reading through my results wasn’t enough and many other researchers at the conference failed to provide context and telling a story around their data.

But even while my research was in the exploratory phase and in a super niche field, I was able to garner interest and win a presentation award by creating both informative data visualizations and presenting a story about the data that they could follow.

Common Problems I See

When I moved into the tech industry working for a Fortune 5 company, I noticed the same mistakes being made by professionals with reports and presentations:

  • Not setting up the context ➡ Your audience is lost, confused or making assumptions about the context and the big picture
  • Poor visual aids (or none!) ➡ You lose your audience’s attention
  • Inaccurate or misleading charts ➡ You lose credibility and authority with your audience
  • Not answering the ‘So what?’/ ‘why should we care?’ questions ➡ Your audience doesn’t know what you want from them or what they should be doing/acting upon

Because ultimately, as humans, our interest is piqued by a story that answers the ‘So what?’ question.

You can be a data visualization pro or a confident public speaker and have presented a hundred times in front of audiences, but in the long run none of that will matter if you can’t help your audience understand why they should care.

How Trending Analytics Help

My main motivation behind my courses and services is to help people become better presenters of analytical findings. How? Through insightful and actionable visualizations presented in a strategic way that will grab your audience’s attention and motivate them to act.

My specialties are:

  • Data visualization specialist that uses principles of visual analytics and data storytelling
  • Tableau for data visualization
  • Effective communication of technical details and data
  • Public speaking! Yes, even an introvert like me can enjoy public speaking 🙂

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