Impress and inspire your colleagues and stakeholders through effective data storytelling and presentations.

Do you feel anxious thinking about presenting in front of others? Especially now that you may have to present in-person soon?

Or maybe you feel confident in your work and expertise…but you sense your audience doesn’t feel the same? 🤔

Do you struggle to figure out what data story to tell and which insights to focus on during your presentation? 

Or maybe what worries you the most is the dreaded Q&A portion? 🙋🏾

Well, I have some good news: I’m doing a special sale to prepare you for your return to office so you can impress your colleageus, clients and stakeholders.

Introducing the…

This bundle of 3 courses will prepare you to become a confident data presenter and storytelling that can impress, inspire and influence your target audience. Whether you have to present in-person or virtually, this will have you covered!


Have your proposal, recommendation, or data models getting approved immediately after your presentation🤝

Have your boss and other higher-ups telling you that yours is the first technical presentation they ACTUALLY understood

They are thanking YOU (by name, because you made such a great impression) for doing such a great job delivering the presentation. 👏🏽

Be getting requests left and right for speaking gigs because of how well-known you are for your presentation skills. 🎤

This is what I will help you achieve through these courses, which are all self-paced and you will have lifetime access to.

Here is What You Will Get

Present Data with Confidence

This 6-module comprehensive course will teach you everything from how to prepare for your data presentation to delivering it. 

This module will cover the brainstorming, ideation, data storytelling and sketching processes that are necessary to do before you even open up your slide deck software.

In this module I’ll teach you how to create the actual presentation, from opening to closing slides and even the Q&A ones.

This one is all about presenting data:

  • How to select insights to present
  • Using data viz in your slides
  • How to present data viz effectively
  • and more…

Now you’re ready to practice and prepare for the actual presentation event. 

This module will teach the different techniques to practice and also other important prep work to do.

This module will get you all prepared for the presentation event, including:
  • Logistical preparation
  • Exercises to handle anxiety and nerves 
  • Other prep to do in the minutes leading up to the presentation

This module will coach you what to do during the actual presentation:

  • How to connect and engage with your audience
  • Handling the Q&A
  • How to end the presentation
  • How to handle interruptions and tech hiccups
  • What to do after the presentation
In this course you’ll learn:
  • How to prepare and practice for virtual presentations. 
  • How to engage with your audience throughout your presentation.
  • How to use your body, hand gestures, voice and face on video calls effectively (no more awkward poses).
  • How to present code and data optimally at virtual presentations.
  • Plus, templates and checklists for you to use so you can implement what I teach you.

This bonus course focuses on data storytelling and will teach you:

  • What data storytelling is and is not
  • The importance of data storytelling
  • A step-by-step guide to crafting your data story
  • Examples of data stories to inspire you

and these bonuses!

  • Two slide deck templates
  • Two workbooks to help you prepare and practice
  • Event site checklist
  • Handout/documentation template
  • Exercises on how to handle nerves and stage fright
  • A certification of completion once you pass the course
  • Access to a students-only discord community to get additional support from me

Get all this value for just $350 $88

Who this is for ✅

  • You are a data professional or practitioner who has opportunities to present at meetings, events, conferences, etc
  • You are a student who works with data or plans on working with data
  • You want your work to recognized by your team, boss, and higher-ups
  • You’re in it for the long haul – you want to get raises and promotions and step into roles that require you to present

Who this is NOT for 🚫

  • You don’t envision ever having a role that requires you to present to anyone, even your team/boss
  • You don’t mind if your audience does NOT understand your work or take any action from your presentations
  • Your presentations are already getting you the desired outcomes. Note: there’s a difference between you feeling confident about your presentations and actually being an effective presenter. Ask yourself if your audience is really understanding your presentation and taking the exact action you want them to take?

So, are you tired of seeing other people confidently present their work while your presentation skills have been holding you back from getting the recognition and results that you deserve?

30-day money back guarantee

Try it risk-free


I wholeheartedly believe this training can help you. Which is why I’m offering a 30 day money-back guarantee.  Try this course for 30 days and if you don’t find it valuable, you can get 100% of your money back.

To qualify for a refund, you will need to demonstrate that you consumed all of the training content and put them all into action. You can read more about our refund policy here.

Hi! I’m Hana, your course instructor.

I’m a data visualization specialist that helps data professionals become confident data visualizers, storytellers and public speakers.

I have almost 7 years of experience working as a data analyst after first starting in academia and then shifting to work for a Fortune 5 company.

I’ve had success in presenting analytical insights in both worlds of academia and industry by creating informative data visualizations and perfecting my narrative of the data. 

What students who have taken my previous courses have to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a bundle of 3 courses and you will get immediate access to all modules and lessons once you enroll. This is self-paced.

HECK YES. This course is applicable for all career stages. In fact, learning how to present your work as an entry-level employee will help you move up faster as your work gets recognized and appreciated by your higher ups.

Yes, you can! I teach strategies for presenting that apply to any field of work. I do have dedicated lessons for presenting data, which you can skip if you want.

Nope. Go as fast or slow as you want because you will have lifetime access to the courses. But the longer you wait to start putting in the work, the later you will get results.

Yes, we have a 30 day refund policy. To qualify for a refund, you will need to demonstrate that you consumed all of the training content and put them all into action. For this particular course, it means you will need to submit video recordings of yourself practicing the presentation techniques I teach. You can read more about our refund policy here.

These courses are made up of mostly videos but also contain supplementary materials in the form of text and audio clips.

I got you my friend. I have a whole lesson dedicated to a variety of strategies to overcome your public speaking fears in the Present Data with Confidence course.

Your results from these courses may vary from other students. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other variables. We cannot guarantee your success, results, promotions, revenues, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. But if you implement, and constantly use this product you should see a difference, however small.

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